Clutchless hybrid propulsion system patent.

Clutchless hybrid propulsion system patent.


International Publication number: WO 2015/073084 A1

System is ideal for long range drones and aircraft requiring low weight and option for quiet flight time while providing added flight/mission safety.

The University of Colorado is looking for an industry partner or investor interested in this pending patent.

Summary description:

A Drive system for a vehicle includes two torque sources, such as engines/motors that are each coupled with the shaft of a power transfer device providing propulsion of the vehicle via a planetary gear system; wherein the drive  shaft of the second torque source is hollow and the drive shaft of the first torque source extends within the first drive shaft co-axially to each other and the power transfer device; wherein both drive shafts connect with the planetary gear system; and wherein the first drive shaft and second drive shaft can optionally interface via one-way bearings to provide a clutchless hybrid propulsion system and vehicle.

Details of the application can be viewed at searching for WO 2015/073084 A1 or title.

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