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QuestUAV DATAhawk


Inspired by survey professionals, the DATAhawk is a fully autonomous superior mapping drone from QuestUAV. Easy acquistion of accurate geodata for survey mapping and GIS professionals. Automatically convert your high-res data into geo-referenced 2D orthomosiacs, 3D models and point clouds giving fast and reliable results… every flight.


A ruggedised transportable design sets a new standard for high reliability fixed wing  mapping drones. The high performance  DATAhawk includes state-of-the-art, intuitive flight planning and mission control software giving ease of use and total control of your mission, from flight to data output.Example Easy Launch


The turnkey DATAhawk solution includes advanced photogrammetry software, powered by Pix4D Mapper, to turn images into professional orthomosaics, point clouds, including in-field data preview functionality.


* Rugged Airframe
* All-season
* Hand-launched
* Para-Landing
* 18MP camera (std)
* 20.1MP gimballed (opt)
* 65km/h wind resistance
* Upto 1.5cm GSD
* Upto 20km2 coverage
* 1hr endurance
* VLOS/BLOS/30Km range
* Sub 2kg weight
* 115cm Wingspan
* Up to 100km/h cruising speed

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