3DR Webinar: Using Drones in Public Safety


Roger Sollenberger

We’re excited to launch the first session of 3DR’s new enterprise webinar series detailing drone use for commercial purposes.

The session will take place on Thursday January 28 at 11:30am PST and explore the many uses of drones in public safety. And because we’re not anywhere near experts in public safety, ourselves — just drones — we’re happy to play host and let the experts do the talking.

The webinar will be led by Coitt Kessler, firefighter and program manager of the Austin Fire Department/Robotic Emergency Deployment (RED) team, and John Buell, peace officer and co-founder of AFD/RED. They’ll focus in detail on public safety applications, using real-world examples pulled from their experience. Coitt and John will take your questions as well as discuss:

o   Relevant fire, first-responder and search and rescue applications

o   How drone technology can enhance your existing toolkit and techniques

o   How “sensors in the sky” can make your teams more responsive and effective

We invite you to join us on the 28th! All registered guests will receive helpful documentation from the experts to keep as a reference after the webinar. Stay tuned for future webinars to include surveying, construction, and other applications.

Click here to register.

Looking forward to this!

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