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Senseable conducts first succesful test of new safe drone technology

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Senseable, a small Danish drone technology developing company is pleased to announce it has successfully finished the first round of tests of a new drone safety system, designed to guide drones or small aircraft to a safe landing site if technical problems arise during flight.

The safety system consists of three parts, an online database of known landing sites, a system (ALF: Automatic Landingsite Finder) that continuously identifies emergency landing sites and last but not least a system (STL: Safe To Land) that is able to determine movement in a chosen landing site before the actual touch down.

The system is very lightweight and can be attached to almost any drone.

Senseable CEO Jesper Andersen said, “Developing safe technologies for use on drones has such a big potential and is a very exciting mixture of technologies. People tend to forget the seatbelt and airbag equivalents when talking drone technology. Being safe is what comes first, and we need to develop technologies that make the use of drones 100% safe, both for the drones as well as everything below. With Google, Amazon and Walmart wanting to deliver parcels by drone, we will see an increased need for technologies that helps to prevent accidents. Our system enables the drones to act upon different levels of failure and need of a place to quickly land – With ALF and STL combined, you get a very high degree of safety in potentially dangerous situations”

About Senseable

Senseable has computer vision, sensor integration and autonomous flight as a part of their core competences while developing drone technology. Founded only a few years back, the company is still new and agile in choosing and working with different technologies and has a very open communication style, mainly using blogs at

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