Minimizing Processing and Render Times for Drone Mapping Apps


Commercial drone operators traditionally spend more time processing images by back office applications than they do with mission preparation, traveling to the job site and finally flying the survey mission. The popular 2D/3D mapping and modeling apps require high powered Intel i7 desktops with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to render professional quality results that can be monetized. Processing times can be as little as a few hours or stretch to days with the change of a render parameter and as the number of frames increase from a few hundred images to thousands of images captured on larger acreages.

DroneData Dallas, Texas releases a family of Engines utilizing dedicated servers with GPU to minimize processing and render times for drone mapping applications, increase efficiency and utilization of drone operators back office applications and provide a robust GPU application development platform for programmers.

The Render Engine dramatically decreases processing times over the best performing Intel i7 GPU desktops.

The Back Office Engine is ideal for hosting mission critical third party applications and also provides limited rendering capability.

The Application Development Engine is a cost effective programming platform for drone software which executes on GPU enabled hardware.

The DroneData family of Engines via no term monthly subscriptions eliminates the upfront expense of GPU desktops and enables all team users concurrent access from anywhere by any device. In addition, these non-virtualized server products maintain the familiar windows environment so end user retraining is not necessary.

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