Americas Multirotor

How Aeryon Labs intends to keep its industrial drone business aloft


Joanna Pachner

Most young companies struggle to get noticed. That has never been a problem for drone manufacturer Aeryon Labs. The media love drone heroics, and Aeryon’s flying robots have starred in a number of high-profile nail-biters: guiding a rescue mission to frozen Alaska; assisting in a drug bust in Central America; helping natural disaster victims in the Philippines and Nepal. Take what happened after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico: “The BP guy who was running the cleanup in Alabama saw a segment about us on Discovery Channel on Monday night, called us on Tuesday, we were there on Wednesday and had a purchase order by Friday,” recalls Dave Kroetsch, Aeryon co-founder and CEO. The TV police drama Flashpoint even wrote an episode around the Scout, an Aeryon drone. It contained the infomercial-ready line, “We don’t need a helicopter—we’ve got the Scout!”

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