Flymotion Trident


It started with “what if”, it ended with FlyMotion TRIDENT. Our team has meticulously designed and engineered TRIDENT to take UAS operations to all-new heights. We’ve tasked our creative minds and engineers with developing a vehicle capable of UAV rapid deploy & fly functionality. TRIDENT‘s key features permit the operators to fully pilot an UAV from dedicated flight stations located inside of the vehicle. State of the art bonded cellular and satellite technology allows for live UAV media broadcast transmission to any place in the world making TRIDENT an indispensable tool for countless markets.

FlyMotion TRIDENT was born from the blood of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. We knew we needed a platform that would withstand the most demanding situations brought forth. (Although we recommend a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, other vehicle alternatives are available.)
Bringing the viewer live high-definition aerial visuals of breaking or developing news stories. Transmitting live visual intelligence vital to mission critical decision-making. Delivery of live aerial broadcast support in disaster relief search & rescue missions.TRIDENT delivers with some of the most advanced bonded cellular and satellite technology in the world, allowing for unmatched live video/data streaming in the most extreme scenarios.
Live video broadcast like you’ve never seen it before! LiveU’s award-winning bonded celluar/satellite hybrid technology is the arm of TRIDENT‘s global transmissions reach. We’ve partnered with LiveU to deliver live wireless video transmission to and from any location around the world via LiveU’s LU700/cellular extender. TRIDENT is also equipped with ViaSat KA broadband services.
Collecting critical decision-making data without compromising the mission is vital. TRIDENT‘s on scene rapid deployment functionality allows for high-definition aerial scene analysis/monitoring in a matter of minutes. Onboard broadcast transmission technology permits live monitoring from any command center, located any place in the world.
TRIDENT enables government agencies, local municipalities, first responders and humanitarian relief agencies to preserve life by facilitating a quick and effective rescue response to a wide variety of disasters. TRIDENTis capable of launching an UAV within minutes upon arriving on the disaster site. Low altitude aerial analysis will aid teams in triage planning while minimizing risk to rescuers.
When in flight-mode, TRIDENT‘s self-contained, fully integrated generator supplies the onboard critical flight systems with all the power they need to keep you airborne. We’ve engineered an onboard compartment utilizing special materials designed to reduce vibration, and decrease generator noise yielding an unmatched level of quiet operation.
Make TRIDENT one of a kind
Our vision was to design a vehicle capable of UAV pilot functionality, without compromising platform preference and layout predilection. To achieve this we partnered exclusively with Accelerated Media Technologies, one of the most highly recognized mobile communication vehicle integrators in the world.
Flight System
Global Broadcast Transmission

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