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Cunningham Lindsey Partners with VDOS Global for Drone Technology Services



Cunningham Lindsey, a leading global loss adjusting and risk management services company, announced today its partnership with VDOS Global (VDOS), a leader in unmanned inspection services, to incorporate drone technology solutions into the insurance market.

As the first FAA authorized UAS-inspection company in the US, VDOS is a well established provider of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services whose commercial pilots are seasoned and fully licensed with FAA certifications with a proven track record for safety. Cunningham Lindsey and VDOS will work together to achieve improved efficiencies in daily claims scenarios by assisting insurers with the creation of a drone program into their claims process, providing safer pre- and post-loss assessments with aerial flyovers, and customized UAV-training tailored to the needs of field adjusters and additional experts seeking certification. This partnership will provide carriers immediate access to aerial data for application efficiencies in the underwriting process as well as catastrophic claims situations for all types of property. When claims occur that require a forensic investigation, VDOS will also work with EFI Global (EFI), the forensic division of Cunningham Lindsey, to provide the UAVs needed to expedite the gathering of field data in challenging locations.

“We are excited to partner with a highly respected and recognizable brand like VDOS to share the benefits of the emerging drone technology with our clients,” said David Repinski, President and Chief Client Officer of Cunningham Lindsey, Americas. “It is undeniable our industry is changing constantly, and the data application possibilities using drone technology are tremendous. This partnership represents the best path forward to help insurers incorporate a UAV strategy to gain a competitive and differential advantage across all channels in the claims and risk assessment process.”

Jeremy Mele, President of EFI Global, added, “Working with VDOS in using UAVs in our forensic evaluations is a natural complement to EFI’s investigation process. This type of technology will enhance our technical experts’ investigative reach, and add a level of safety and security in the field when accessing sites with unsafe property conditions.”

Brian Whiteside, CEO of VDOS stated, “We are truly excited to partner with such an incredible team at Cunningham Lindsey who understands how drones are changing traditional business models. Our enterprise deployment program using UAV technology is the first of its kind, and will accelerate safe and efficient claims services for adjusters through the team’s integrated training and operations structure.”

About Cunningham Lindsey

Cunningham Lindsey is the global market leader in claims handling, domestic and commercial loss adjusting, catastrophe or major loss claims handling and wider risk solutions. The firm’s operating platform includes over 5,000 employees operating across 60 countries. Further information can be sourced from www.cunninghamlindsey.com.

About EFI Global, Inc.

EFI Global, Inc. is a leading provider of forensic engineering, failure analysis, fire investigation, accident reconstruction, environmental and laboratory testing services. EFI Global experts identify and analyze the facts and provide clients with detailed results, helping them to make informed decisions regarding a loss or project site. With more than 40 service centers located in the US and Canada, and multi-disciplined experts ready to respond globally, there is always an office or professional ready to respond to the loss or project site. EFI Global is part of the Cunningham Lindsey family of companies, a leader in the independent insurance claims industry. For more information, visit www.efiglobal.com.

About VDOS Global

VDOS Global is a safety focused vertically integrated drone services company providing the systems, software, personnel, training and data management for our clients. We are actively looking to incorporate generational leaps in systems and software enabling us to automate our processes and help our clients transition into the coming new technologies. The VDOS team travels to locations in the US and abroad to provide strategic UAV support through operations, data collection and enterprise support. For more information, visit www.vdosglobal.us.

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