CNN and Microsoft join registration crowd


Having a look about Tiaan’s updated 333 holders list and updated N numbers I noticed a couple of things.

CNN are hedging their bets and spreading the love across several platforms.

The UAS proposed by the petitioner are the 3DR Solo, AirRobot AR180, DJI Inspire 1, DJI Phantom 2 Vision, and Altus Delta X-8. 1

Aerial photography, aerial videography, and closed-set motion picture and television filming

Whilst Microsoft have bought a Discovery Pro from Team Black Sheep quite possibly to use with Project Premonition they have shown Phantom images before.

MICROSOFT CORP DISCOVERY PRO DPROMSR1 N265MS MICROSOFT CORP 20151116 US WA REDMOND Rotorcraft Electric UAV up to 55 lbs Land 2015-11-16 Valid Registration

The submission suggests Microsoft designed the platform and of course we know different! Its one of the problems with the current FAA N scheme, they seem to be taking what people say at face value or are making folks claim to be the manufacturer in order to create serial numbers for machines.

Nice one Trappy though!

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