Would drone delivery significantly enhance the quality of your life?


Probably not, but for billions of people across the globe that live without access to paved roads and bridges it would. Say NO to poverty and help us bring delivery drones to those who need them most, the poor and isolated.

The FAA estimates that in 2015 more than 1 million drones will be given as holiday gifts. This equates to 100’s of millions of dollars being spent on toys primarily used to take glorified selfies. What if thousands of Americans were convinced to, instead of buying a “selfie drone”, selflessly donate that money to enable the deployment of a fleet of high-performance, military-grade drones that will, on their behalf, deliver thousands of pounds of life-saving cargo to people in desperate need. This is the goal of Project Jumanji, to capture less than 1% of the money anticipated to be spent on toy drones this Christmas and apply it to give the greatest gift of all, life.

To this end, Guided Systems will execute a global crowd-funding campaign during the height of the 2015 holiday season and pose this challenge. The goal of the campaign will be to raise the $1MM needed to procure a fleet of V-75 unmanned helicopter systems and deploy them, along with a team of elite operators, to a conflict zone in Africa for 12 weeks. There, they will be tasked with delivering thousands of pounds of life-saving cargo free of charge through a series of experimental humanitarian supply missions. The stories will be documented, the impact will be measured, and the future of drone delivery will be defined.