Asia FPV Racing Multirotor

To the FORE FPV racing motor powered by T-MOTOR


The currently technical development and market demand for FPV are astonishing. There should be bound to a growing increase of high-level and fantastic FPV Racings. As a brand specialized in providing propulsion systems for multirotors, T-MOTOR Team is much concerned with the development of propulsion system in FPV field. We have been communicating with the professional pilots from across the globe, taking their priceless opinions, making progress and gaining perfection. It’s been a year, we toppled convention, and released our F-Series motors specific to FPV pilots.

“Fast & Furious” is the interpretation for F-Series motors which belong to the power series motor for top-level competition, aimed at FPV pilot.

“To the Fore” is the pursuit of F-Series for speed.

The motors are designed for pilots to challenge the speed limit to the fullest. A speed of 250km/h will no longer be a dream if matched with the suitable propellers. Enjoying the Fast & Furious flying.

“Flexibility and Quickness” response are the key features of F-Series motors; Impact resistance and long service life are the essence of them; Exquisite technical workmanship and novel design are the creams of them. F-Series are born for FPV Racing, crazy about speed.


1. With the adoption of steel shaft, no prop adapter bends any more.
2. With the unique structure design, no deformation from impact.
3. Neoteric way of heat dissipation, which reduce 15% more heat than others.
4. Adoption of new method of bearing installation prolongs the bearing life span to over 5 times.
5. Employment of German bearing that rotates at high speed enables the violent

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