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Seattle Great Wheel hit by drone

Flowers, Ivars, and the Seattle Great Wheel- july 2012 021

Liza Javier and Heather Graf, KING 5 News

SEATTLE — Seattle’s Great Wheel was struck by a drone Wednesday night, shutting down the waterfront attraction briefly but causing no injuries.

The incident happened just after 4 p.m. Employees say they heard a loud “thud” and saw a drone had crashed onto a plastic table on an outdoor patio area. No one was hit.

The patio was closed and the Great Wheel was inspected for any damage. A few minutes later, the Great Wheel re-opened.

The drone was handed over to Seattle police. Officers were searching for the owner of the drone, since the Great Wheel and the area surrounding the pier is a no-fly zone.

Check out the table in the video, very broken! All those folks that say a Phantom would not hurt from height, over to you.(ed)


If you want to see the Seattle Great Wheel from a drone there are plenty of videos on the Tube of the You.

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