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PowerUp Toys Launches Kickstarter to bring Live Streaming Video to Paper Airplane

Powerup plane

Smartphone Controlled PowerUp FPV Lets Users Take Flight With a Cockpit POV

TEL AVIV ­ NOVEMBER 10, 2015 ­ 6:00 pm IST ­ Today PowerUp Toys announces the launch of its Kickstarter crowd funding campaign of the world’s first paper airplane drone with a live­streaming camera ­ the PowerUp FPV. Partnered with Parrot to manufacture the device, the new drone creates a first­person­viewing (FPV) experience, letting people experience what it’s like to sit in the cockpit of a paper airplane, directly on their smartphone, or using a Google

Cardboard headset.

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“As a pilot, I wanted to give people the same feeling of sitting in the cockpit and being the controls with the simplicity of paper airplanes,” said Shai Goitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys. “With a live video experience straight to your cell phone or VR headset, you can control the plane with movements of your head, giving you the sense that you are flying through the air, riding your paper airplane.”

PowerUp FPV was developed in­part with the industry leading minds at Parrot®, implementing the world’s most incredible live­streaming technologies to bring you the thrill and exhilaration of flight from over 300ft away! Users can control their flight using their Google Cardboard or other smartphone ­powered head ­mounted display (HMD), or use the PowerUp App’s on­screen gamepad to control the drone.

Featuring a fully rotating wide­view camera, users are able to stream their flight while looking forward from the cockpit, off the wings; or even take the ultimate “selfie” with a rear­view shot as users launch their planes. Connecting via WiFi, users can watch the video, or wireless transfer it to their smartphones and upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or favorite video sharing service from their mobile network.

This is PowerUp’s second Kickstarter, previously setting record (over $1.2M) for the Flight category with the PowerUp 3.0. Backers pre­ordering the PowerUp FPV will receive up to 20%

off the retail price, with additional bonuses, extra batteries and unique packages available. The

campaign has a modest goal of $100,000 and will end on Jan 9, 2016 with a June 1 delivery for Early Bird supporters.


● WiFi live streaming with range of over 300 ft.

● Capture live streaming video and still images during flight

● Intuitively controlled with Head Mounted Display or in­app gamepad (optional)

● Google cardboard compatibility for heads­up display

● Ultra wide­angle rotating camera to capture and stream forward­facing, rear­view and wing­view

● Save flight videos straight to MicroSD card, with images and video transferred to your phone via WiFi

● Travels at speeds up to 20 mph

● Auto­Pilot mode for easy flying

● Up to 10min of continuous flight time

● Carbon­fiber and nylon reinforced frame for added durability

To support the Kickstarter and order your own PowerUp FPV, visit:

About PowerUp Toys

PowerUp Toys lets consumers of all ages expand their sense of play and experimentation by adding power to familiar paper airplanes. PowerUp Toys brings homemade paper toys into the future by adding next generation mobile controls, propulsion and tools to take imagination to new heights. Experience the joy of making your ideas take flight in just a few minutes! PowerUp

Toys is based in Tel Aviv with representatives and distribution centers around the world.