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Plexidrone, next for a fall?


Is Plexidrone next in line for a fall? Backer Scott Wilkinson posted this Sunday morning in the crowdfunded projects Indiegogo comments

Have received a response from them only offering a 50% refund due to development costs. This is all quite tiresome. Getting very nervous that this is a SCAM. I don’t want it to be, but with the likes of Zano shutting up shop with no warning, I am left with very little faith in the ability to deliver as promised.


If things are on track DreamQii who received $2,264,120 in funding from the campaign might want to start getting a little more talky with their backers! They promised a spring 2015 delivery date. In drone time that’s about 3 years ago.

Lets hope this is not another project that fits Chris Andersons, “drones are hard” meme.

In their defence it looks like the design has completely changed and those early backers will be getting much more bang for their buck. The newer version looks very tidy with interchangeable sensors and four more motors. It looks like it is able to lift useful weight sensors.

I hope Father Christmas manages to get some delivered to patient supporters of the project.

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