PINC Air Cleared for Take Off by the FAA

PINC Air Cleared for Take Off by the FAA


By granting PINC Solutions’ PINC Air a Section 333 exemption, the FAA clears the product to initiate commercial operations in US Airspace. PINC Air is an aerial sensor platform that operates outdoors and indoors to efficiently inventory hard-to-reach assets using an array of sensors that include GPS, RFID, OCR and Barcode readers.

“This is a major milestone in the development of PINC Air.” stated Matt Yearling, PINC’s CEO. “With the FAA’s primary concern being safety, this exemption grant supports our design goal of safely collecting supply chain inventory data in industrial environments, away from any residential areas. PINC Air operates in geo-fenced commercial zones, under the supervision of qualified personnel, while following a pre-programmed path to ensure safety and effectiveness.”

PINC Air has caught the interest and engagement of some of the largest companies in the world and thought leaders in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market.

“As the leading UAS insurance brokerage in the United States, we see thousands of different unmanned aircraft use cases. Without a doubt, some of the most unique and impressive uses we’ve seen are those developed by PINC.” said Terry Miller – President of Transport Risk Management, Inc. ”Now having been awarded their FAA approved Part 333 Exemption and operational authority, PINC is ideally positioned to maintain its leadership role. We feel strongly that the technology, training and operational professionalism employed by PINC will serve to revolutionize the supply chain industry.”

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About PINC
PINC – The Supply Chain Execution Company, creates efficient over-the-road freight networks by optimizing supply chain operations from dock-door to dock-door. PINC uses its pervasive sensor network to capture real-time data, delivers analytics and insights into supply chain operations.

The world’s leading brands use PINC’s advanced yard management and supply chain execution solutions to orchestrate and optimize freight shipments across their supply chain and trading partner networks. As the pioneer of real-time location systems (powered by the Internet of Things), PINC’s innovative solutions allow our customers improve service, collaboration, optimize inventory, increase velocity, and to improve asset and workforce utilization.