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Phase One iX Capture 2.1


iX Capture 2.1 features:

• A new layout of the resizable screen to show or hide elements of the side panels according to available space.

• The application has been redesigned to enable users to select Capture mode (FMS/Auto) directly from the Home screen as well as the ability to view the time interval for Auto Capture mode and select auto exposure/manual exposure setting.

• New keyboard shortcuts have been added to make using the application faster and even more intuitive.

• An optional EXIF log can be generated and is stored in the directory where the pictures are stored.

• Cameras can be configured to receive GPS data in optional baud rate values:
9600, 19200, 57600 or 115200 bps and support different encoding of GPS coordinates.

As with previous versions, iX Capture can be used with up to six cameras and offers support for full oblique/nadir arrays. Multiple Phase One aerial cameras can also be synced for dual-camera arrays, such as RGB / NIR or arrays to capture wide swaths.

The application, with features such as auto exposure, white balance correction, offline processing of images and the ability to create multiple processing recipes with imported styles, is available for free from the Phase One Industrial website.

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