Parrot Bebop 2


Rocking a class leading 25 minute flight time the Bebop2 represents bang for buck this Christmas.

No doubt Parrot are disappointed that the FAA have proposed such a low weight for mandatory registration. The Bebop 2 is 100g heavier than its predecessor, still lightweight at 500g. The French companies chief man, Henri Seydoux might have hoped everything less than 1kg would escape registration, bringing all of DJI’s offerings into a slightly harder to operate place. Who knows that might still be the case.

Some pretty impressive videos have been created by the community using the Bebop one. It makes for quite a tidy first platform.


Parrot makes a popular product the numbers tell us so. According to the ARDrone 2 fight Academy site those platforms alone have flown over 4 million flights and notched up 15Y 278D 1H 13M 19S of flight time.

The Bebop 2 has pretty much the same features as the one, perhaps that extra 100g is mostly battery they will be available for purchase starting December 14th for $549.99.