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Blue Bear welcomes Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UK as it competes to supply India with unmanned systems


Blue Bear Systems Research (BBSR), the globally recognised specialists in the design, development, evaluation and implantation of unmanned systems, welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK between 12-14 November 2015.

The Bedford-based SME is keen to grow its business in the Indian market and has teamed with SASMOS of Bangalore and the Anglo-Indian technology company Strongfield for the Indian Army’s requirement for 600 mini-UAVs, scheduled to be procured in late 2016. There are also likely to be further mini-UAV buys from the Indian Navy and Coast Guard in the next few years.

BBSR Chief Executive Dr Yoge Patel, herself of Gujarati origin like Prime Minister Modi, is enthusiastic about the Indian Government’s “Make in India” industry campaign. She feels her company is well placed to fulfil many Indian requirements and is currently exploring further links with the Indian supply chain.

BBSR is an expert in rapid prototyping: developing bespoke solutions from a standing start. “BBSR specialises in designing and producing a wide range of small UAVs which can be tailor made for a particular requirement. We can build in mission systems, data links and sensors to meet the specific need of the customer.”

Dr Patel is also keen to emphasise her company’s heritage in the UK’s research and development sector rather than being a corporate enterprise. Experience has taught her that this background makes her company more innovative, agile and responsive to her customers’ needs. “We really listen to what they want rather than trying to impose a one-size-fits-all solution on to any requirement,” she says.

BBSR currently has a range of mini-UAVs in production, all of which went from a blank sheet of paper to flying prototypes in just a matter of weeks. They include the iSTART, a fixed wing platform with a 75cm wingspan, the BLACKSTART, which has a 1.5m wingspan, and the RISER, a 4.5kg rotary-wing quadcopter.

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