UAV Mapper


UAV Mapper is the most affordable ready to fly aerial mapping camera platform. The airframe was designed for the Pixhawk autopilot and carrying Canon PowerShot cameras. It’s made of safe, durable EPP foam and is reinforced with carbon fiber tubes. It’s all up flying weight is less than 3.5 pounds (1.59 kg). well below the FAA proposed requirement for a Micro UAS. It can stay in the air for about 45 minutes on a single charge, which will easily photograph a square kilometer. The flying wing design is incredibly durable, flies in winds better than a traditional plane, and is more portable. Whether you want a complete ready to go solution or just a kit, there’s a UAV Mapper for you.

Ready to Fly

Everything is included: complete airframe, factory built and test flown, Pixhawk flight controller, Canon S110 PowerShot camera with GPS trigger cable,  Spektrum DX-7 air radio 6000 mAh Lipo battery and charger. You just need to provide a Windows PC. It takes pictures and land autonomously right out of the box. Affordable replacement airframe are available.



Wingspan: 48″ (1219 cm)
Wing Area: 595 in.2 (15113 mm2)
Weight – Fully loaded: 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) Well below the 4.4 pound (2 kg) FAA proposed requirements for a Micro UAS.
Material: EPP foam, carbon fiber tubes, Coroplast, plywood
Camera: Canon PowerShot S110
Camera trigger: GPS triggered
Battery: 6000 mAh, 3 cell, lithium polymer
Flight controller: HKPilot32 Pixhawk
Manual flight control: Spektrum DX7
Flight planning software: Mission Planner
Endurance: 45 minutes
Max safe survey area per flight: 275 acres (1 km2 )
Minimum air speed: 13 meters per second
Recommended automatic landing area: 100 ft. x 600 ft.
Launch method: Hand launch – no catapult required
Image geotag method: Flight log file synced with photos