ROTOR DR1 Coming to Blu-Ray, DVD and On Demand on October 20

Cinema Libre Studio has acquired Rotor DR1, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature film developed and produced by a community of drone enthusiasts and will be releasing it on DVD, Blu-Ray and Video on Demand as of October 20, 2015.
Executive produced and directed by Chad Kapper, Rotor DR1 grew out of the Flite Test community (see and, which Chad founded in 2010 and which has evolved to become the world’s premier online community for drone enthusiasts with over 400,000 members.
“As a drone enthusiast turned professional drone guy, I wanted to show drones in a positive light” says Kapper.  “Creating a movie was the perfect opportunity to show drones as technology that improved human lives, rather than antagonistic militarized drones that have been popularized lately.”

Rotor DR1 from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.


Posting this idea to online forums for drone enthusiasts, Chad soon had input from thousands of engaged community members about creating a community-collaborated web series and feature film.  Using forums, GoogleDocs, Facebook and Youtube–and without a script–the group embarked on developing a ten episode online series over twelve weeks in late 2014, with each episode shared with the Rotor DR1 community for feedback and further development.  Decisions on casting, wardrobe, props, dialogue, action scenes, episodic arcs, general storyline, and the backstory of the cataclysmic virus, were made in collaboration.  Community members, including top drone racers (RC Explorer), were even able to participate in the film’s innovative drone race, where real drones and no CGI were used.
> “What is Rotor DR1 ?– drone community collaboration”
After partnering with Cinema Libre Studio, the episodes were edited together to make a cohesive and compelling feature film, which marks a milestone in the emergence of community driven media.
“The future of community collaborated entertainment is at the forefront of Hollywood’s mind,” says Rich Castro, V.P. of Distribution and Acquisitions at Cinema Libre Studio. “We believe this is the first high-quality, community-collaborated, narrative feature film to be released commercially in the U.S.”
Synopsis: After a viral epidemic eliminated 90% of the world’s population, survivors struggle to rebuild and reconnect with the world they’ve lost. Autonomous drones, originally meant to deliver vaccinations for the deadly disease, now wander aimlessly through the sky and are hunted for their parts and power sources.  But when a 16-year-old boy named Kitch stumbles on a peculiar drone named DR1, clues about his lost father begin to surface and lead him on an incredible journey.
Parts for the RotorDr1 model are also available at and can be made with a 3d printer.
Chad Kapper is the Director and Executive Producer of Rotor DR1.  Recently named president of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company Theiss UAV Solutions  Kapper discovered a dormant passion for radio controlled flight in 2010. The same year, Kapper started Flite Test, an online community for radio controlled aviation enthusiasts to share knowledge and common experiences with others. When Flite Test began, Kapper’s day job was running StoneKap Productions  a high-end corporate video marketing company in North Canton, Ohio. The Flite Test community grew rapidly to over 350,000 users through biweekly videos, a dedicated forum, and community-generated articles about radio controlled aviation. Flite Test was designed to empower its audience, and since its inception has developed its YouTube show, website, content, and store products by listening and adjusting to community feedback. This unique development model has transformed Flite Test into one of the world’s most trusted brands in R/C.