Americas Multirotor

Footage from GoPro drone looks just like all the rest shocker.

I am not sure why GoPro would release footage from its drone in development and not show us the quad. It’s much like the recent Shark Tank frenzy. Seemingly all mouth and no trousers. The bang wagon is getting jolly full.

We know it’s a quad because they tell us so in the video blurb. That’s a pity right there. I personally think hexacopters should become the default. If you have a single engine or prop failure you can still be home in time for tea and medals. Many owners of expensive quads are finding this out to their cost.

A recent firmware update to earlier cameras shut down the video out via USB. GoPro have rushed to fix it and said it was unintended. When they release there own platform though will they try and keep users in the GoPro fold.

Of course, GoPro have to hype things up.. Speaking to Mashable GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said:

“The [quadcopter] boom exists because of GoPro and now it’s growing much bigger than GoPro,” Woodman said. “People are getting into quads not because they like flying little quads around, but I think the original impetus is they want the incredible content that a GoPro and a quad enables.”

I’m not sure he can really say that, many of us were flying quads long before GoPro existed and the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer platforms, DJI uses its own cameras.


Does this teaser point to a Christmas 2015 release?

Come on GoPro, make me go wow not just meh.

That video issue to which GoPro responded:

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