Draganfly Innovations Inc. Launches ‘The Draganflyer Commander’ UAV Bringing Next Generation Performance & Endurance to Commercial Users

Draganfly Innovations Inc. Launches ‘The Draganflyer Commander’ UAV Bringing Next Generation Performance & Endurance to Commercial Users



The Draganflyer Commander Opens Numerous New Commercial Use Cases with Enhanced Specification Including 45-Minute Single-Charge Flight, 100 Acre Coverage, and HD Aerial Data Capture.

SASKATOON, SK & VENICE, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 6th, 2015 – Commercial UAV specialists Draganfly Innovations Inc. – the wholly-owned commercial division of TRACE Live Network – today announced the launch of its newest and most advanced multi-rotor UAV to date, the Draganflyer Commander.

The design and engineering of the Draganflyer Commander has enabled a specification beyond any of the company’s previous award-winning UAVs. The single-charge 45 minute flight time opens significant new commercial use cases within law enforcement, search and rescue, mapping, agriculture, aerial imaging, and beyond, further strengthening Draganfly Innovations’ position as the leading supplier of multi-rotor helicopters for commercial use.

Enhanced Duration

The Draganflyer Commander is able to remain in-flight longer than any previous Draganflyer, achieving up to 45 minutes of continuous flight with each charge. Compared to its predecessor, the X4-ES, the Commander’s unloaded flight time has increased by 50% and loaded flight time by 75%.

Enhanced Capability

With stronger motors the maximum payload of the Draganflyer Commander is 1000g (2.2 pounds), 25% greater than the Draganflyer X4-ES. The integrated terrain sensor adds smooth auto-takeoff and auto-landing capability. New dynamic flight time prediction displays the remaining flight time while the Draganflyer Commander is in the air, measuring power consumption, monitoring remaining battery capacity, and updating in real-time.

Enhanced Safety

Having been developed with innovative dual battery and advanced battery management systems, in the unlikely event of a battery failure, the Draganflyer Commander will maintain flight on the remaining pack. The battery packs have intelligent protection electronics, integrated state-of-charge LED display, and an NFC interface allowing users to check charge status and charge history with the DraganflyNFC app on a tablet or phone. A strengthened airframe ties all of the components together and increases stability and safety.

Draganfly Innovations Inc. founder and president, Zenon Dragan said, “At Draganfly we focus on continuously innovating in order to maximize the performance with every new product we launch. We’re incredibly proud of the Draganflyer Commander and believe it has the potential to further accelerate the already significant growth in commercial use of UAVs.”

TRACE Live Network CEO Cameron Chell said of the launch, “The Draganflyer Commander represents a significant advancement in the commercial UAV space and through the integrated engineering and business development teams we now have in place, there is an opportunity to ride the momentum of these advancements in both the commercial and consumer markets.



About Draganfly Innovations Inc.
Draganfly Innovations Inc. is the longest running manufacturer of multi-rotor helicopters in the world and the maker of the first civilian small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) to be credited with saving a life.

The company designs and manufactures award-winning Draganflyer helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts, along with Draganview control software. A recognized technology and industry leader, Draganfly is helping to shape the aerial imaging and public safety revolution with its gyro stabilized camera payload systems and digital video down-link technology. Draganfly has reinvented the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and is defining its use within the emergency services market with the Draganflyer Guardian and X4-ES systems.

Draganfly is a wholly owned subsidiary of TRACE Live Network.