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Ventus and Renew Enter into Joint Development Blade Repairs


Ventus announced that it has entered into a joint blade repair program with Renewables Civil & Maintenance, located in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. RCM currently performs drone inspections as well as uptower rotor blade repairs using 100m boom cranes fitted with a man basket in the UK, Spain and other regions of Europe. Ventus will be offering the same blade repair services in North America giving the new joint venture a global footprint.

Ventus’ C.E.O.- Marco Zvanik stated,” Ventus continues to expand our range of services and RCM’s boom crane blade repair capabilities is a testament to this growth. Ventus offers wind turbine blade inspections utilizing unmanned drones which offer the wind industry a cost effective and safer method than previously available. By incorporating the blade repairs services we can now offer our customers a turn-key blade inspection and repair solution throughout the US and Canada.”

Ventus was the first US drone inspection company to utilize drones for inspecting wind turbine rotor blades back in 2012. Since then, Ventus has expanded into onshore and offshore oil & gas inspections, offshore wind energy, land mapping, nuclear plants, solar plants, utility power line inspections and utilizes a wide array of data inspection systems including HD video, infra-red, LIDAR and other systems. Ventus also has added up-tower blade repair services as part of a comprehensive wind energy service program utilizing drones for the turbine inspection and following up with up-tower blade repairs.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Ventus is a global leader in professional drone inspection services. For additional information please visit:


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