GeoTech 2015


Interest in UAS has exploded over the past three years. With the assimilation of UAS into the commercial sector, platform and payload manufacturers are hastily scoping out the current and future requirements for sensors suitable for remote sensing and geospatial data creation. To facilitate these developments, the Potomac Region is bringing together the UAS platform and payload community with consumers of data generated using UAS systems for remote sensing at its annual GeoTech 2015 event.

ASPRS is uniquely positioned to help generate requirements from an application point of view, which will then support and assist the technical design direction for UAS-hosted sensors. ASPRS is a credible partner in this endeavor since its mission is to promote the ethical application of active and passive sensors in the disciplines of photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. Additionally, ASPRS has developed standards used in the production of digital geospatial data. These include the Accuracy Standards for Aerial Triangulation and Ground Control Points, Vertical Accuracy Standards for Elevation Data, and Horizontal Accuracy Requirements for Elevation Data, among others.

Anticipated outcomes of the GeoTech event include the identification of available sensor components that are best suited for the today’s existing UAS platforms in varying payload weight categories. In addition, an outcome supporting long-term sensor design considerations includes a forecast of integrated sensor components that will need to undergo technical innovation to match the future application needs, including sensor miniaturization on increasingly lighter weight UAS platforms.

The purpose of GeoTech 2015 is to promote the exchange of information between ASPRS professionals and the UAS platform and payload community as the market continues its rapid expansion. Our goal is to become wise to what technology is available now and to establish partnerships to innovate for future sensor needs. GeoTech 2015 is well suited for industry, government, academia, and students.

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