FAA and Aeros Reach Agreement on Plan for Certification of Aeros’ Latest Airship, the ’40E Sky Dragon’


Worldwide Aeros Corp. (Aeros), a California manufacturer of airships and aerostats operating with a FAA Production Certificate, announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Aeros have reached agreement on the plan for certification of Aeros’ latest airship, the ‘40E Sky Dragon.’ Aeros expects the 40E ‘Sky Dragon’ will enter flight testing in 2016, and complete the Type Certification process with regulatory authorities before entering global service. Applications for “Sky Dragon” include border security, surveillance, early warning, search and rescue operations, port security and maritime patrol, in addition to more traditional airship roles like advertising and event broadcast.

About the ‘40E Sky Dragon:’ Aeros’ latest airship, was developed as the most advanced LTA aircraft for multi-role mission capabilities and global surveillance/ reconnaissance support, building on the performance strengths of the 40D ‘Sky Dragon’ airships in global operation since 2007. The aircraft will present mission advantages including vertical takeoff, increased sensory payload capability, and single pilot operation. Presenting extended time-on-station and operational cost advantages when delivering 360 perspective of the air and ground environment, Aeros’ long-loitering 40E airship features useful payload greater than one ton, and supports ISR mission success and efficiency with multi-payload mounting systems for radar, EO/IR cameras, remote sensing technology (LIDAR), and/or communications equipment. It has the following performance characteristics:

The 40E presents the next generation of non-rigid, near-to-equilibrium airships, featuring:Fly-by-wire flight control technology, glass cockpit with optimized informational displays and ergonomics, and adaptive vector thrust system. New Weigh-off-on-Wheels (WoW) landing gear design allows pilot acquisition of real-time static lift data during takeoff, and dampening control for smoother landings, while the aircraft’s revolutionary robotic ground handling and mooring system slashes ground handling requirements and operational expenses.

About Aeros: Founded more than 28 years ago, the Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) is the world’s most innovative lighter-than-air, FAA-certified aircraft manufacturing company. Aeros has achieved multiple FAA airship type certificates and operates with an FAA Production Certificate, while featuring a product line that includes advanced airships, tethered aerostats and the Aeroscraft cargo airship. Learn more at http://www.aeroscraft.com