Elevated Element launches Aerial Array to provide Aerial Surveying Software to Real Estate, Construction and Energy Firms

belindaandterryElevated Element, a leader in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photography, made three announcements this week, the biggest being the launch of another Baltimore-based UAV-focused venture, Aerial Array.

First the company announced that Elevated Element was recently granted an FAA 333 exemption to conduct aerial video inspection, photogrammetry, and photography.  This exemption allows Elevated Element to gather data using UAVs opening the door to provide aerial surveying, video inspection and photogrammetry services to clientele on the east coast.  The company is already engaged in a major aerial surveying operation with a prominent real estate developer in Maryland.

Next Elevated Element founder Terry Kilby announced the launch of venture-funded Aerial Array (www.aerialarray.com) to develop the software applications crucially needed to support aerial surveying.

Aerial Array is currently developing a suite of software applications to take UAV data from places like construction sites and then produce 3D models and calculate site values using photogrammetry.

“These applications are the next generation in UAV technology.  We can survey a site in exponentially less time than traditional methods then render it in 3D while providing incredibly useful reports” remarked Kilby.  “This is what business leaders will be looking for from UAV companies in the coming years.”

Finally both companies announced a dual-event during Baltimore Innovation Week.  OnMonday, September 28th, at 5:30pm both companies will be at the AOL Rooftop Deck at Brewers Mill in Baltimore, MD to present the 2015 Drone Technology Showcase.  Elevated Element’s stunning cinematic videos will be showcased in the AOL Theater while both companies will show off the latest in drone based 2D and 3D mapping, 3D scanning, and virtual reality environments.

For more information and to RSVP:http://2015.baltimoreinnovationweek.com/events/drone_technology_showcase