Coronation Street’s live show security lockdown includes anti-drone forces


Coronation Street bosses have their own air force on standby to make sure the anniversary live episode is not interrupted by a prankster with a drone.

Executives met with security advisors to ensure the smooth-running of the show – being screened this week to celebrate 60 years of ITV.

Extra guards will be on patrol to make sure louts cannot disrupt the show by shouting or playing loud music from outside the studios.

But bosses fear a fan could buzz the £10million set – surrounded by flats and offices at MediaCityUK in Salford – with a remote-controlled drone as the nation settles down to watch the ­gripping action.

It comes after a man was prosecuted last week for flying a drone over Manchester City’s Etihad stadium.

Plans to cover the set with a giant net similar to ones used by prisons were deemed impractical.

So staff will have the drones that they used to film the Street’s devastating fire earlier this year on hand to knock out anything that invades Weatherfield’s air space.

Last night a source said: “Security is a real concern, from yobs ruining the sound by blaring car horns to some geek flying a drone.

“Top brass are determined to have everything at their disposal to make sure the live episode goes without a hitch. Corrie has drones aplenty and skilled operators to take down ­anything that comes their way.”

Producers can cut to an ad break in a moment should any technical issues arise.