Alliance H-2 UAV Prototype – Initial Flight Tests In SE Asia


Alliance Lp Drones Ltd., has recently completed initial flight tests of H-2 UAV, a prototype of the solar-powered stratospheric unmanned aircraft currently under development to provide Internet and mobile communication infrastructures in remote parts of the world.

H-2 UAV successfully completed all the scheduled flight tests. The unmanned aircraft demonstrated very high levels of aerodynamic efficiency at both; fast and slow speeds. H-2 UAV follows its predecessor H-1 UAV, an earlier prototype designed for aerodynamic elasticity and wind tunnel testing.


The final design of Hermes solar-powered UAV will have a wingspan equivalent to that of a Boeing 747, but will weigh less than a small car and it will be capable to stay aloft between 65,000 to 90,000 feet altitude for months or years at a time.