Tethered Drones for Persistent Aerial Surveillance Applications SICX-75T


The SICX-75T is a push-button, plug-and-play rotary wing tethered drone designed for long-term persistent surveillance. Currently boasting a swappable 20lb payload with a mini radar, the SICX-75T’s autonomous take-off and landing capability allows a single-operator to quickly deploy an unmanned, aerial system (UAS) for rapid remote sensing of an environment. With the power-dense ground-to-air refueling system developed by Atlanta Instrumentation and Measurement, a whopping 55 lbs (25 kg) in payload can be delivered to 1000+ feet when launched from sea-level for static surveillance, giving a wide breadth to the sensor systems that can be integrated.

Unlike tactical aerostats, the SICX-75T platform does not require any special consumables such as helium, but rather uses energy dense, commonly-used military-grade JP8 fuel. Regular use of this kerosene-based fuel by the US military means that JP8 fuel is abundant and easily obtainable.

When packed for transport, the tethered persistent Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform is contained in two cases. One pallet contains the ground-to-air fueling system and second case contains the VTOL UAS. This system can be launched and recovered by a single soldier. There is no mooring platform and there are no mooring lines to deal with.

Tethered Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV systems provides the warfighter with a continuous day/night surveillance capability for Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and camps without the logistical burden of towers and tactical aerostat systems. Although the system is optimized for tethered flight, the UAS also supports line-of-sight free flight. The platform’s free-flight mode allows the UAS to support Route Clearance Packages (RCPs), Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) clearance teams, FOB security teams, convoy security teams and other forward operating teams/personnel performing ISR missions beyond the range of the tether.


Main Rotor Diameter 110″ (2540 mm)
Length Without Blades 98″ (2490 mm)
Height 39″ (990 mm)
Tether Length 1000 ft (305 m)
Weight & Load Specifications
Sea Level 4500 FT 6500 FT 8500 FT
Max Gross Take-Off Weight – lbs (kg) 170 (77.1) 147 (66.6) 136 (61.6) 128 (58.8)
Empty Weight – lbs (kg) 80 (36.2) 80 (36.2) 80 (36.2) 80 (36.2)
Payload to 500′ AGL – lbs (kg) 69 (31.5) 46 (21.1) 35 (16.1) 27 (12.5)
Payload to 1000′ AGL – lbs (kg) 57 (25.9) 34 (15.4) 23 (10.4) 15 (6.8)
Engine Two Cycle, Twin Cylinder, Air Cooled, Gasoline (16 Hp)
Data, Video, & Range
Max Data & Video Range 15-150 Km (requires line-of-sight & directional antenna)
Data Communications 902-928 MHz Spread Spectrum typical, MANET Option
Video Transmission 2.2-2.4 GHz, Channel Selectable, Typical
Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet over Tether (Optional)

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