Poland To Convert Su-22 Fitter Airfield To Drone-only Base


Poland is converting its Su-22 Fitter attack plane airfield (base) to a UAV-only base.

The air base will be henceforth referred as the 12thUnmanned Aerial Vehicles Base and expected to begin operation starting January 2016, The Aviationist reported today.

Mirosławiec airfield, a base currently hosting Polish Su-22 Fitter attack planes, has been chosen to become a UAV base.

The Polish Army so far has six UAV procurement programs that include, 12 Zefir- MALE UCAVs, 12 Gryf tactical MALE recce UAV, 12 Orlik tactical short range UAV, 15 Wizjer mini-UAVs in a page of 4-5 UAVs in each package, 15 Wazka VTOL mini UAV and Micro-UAV which is the smallest VTOL UAV to be used ofr special forces’ assault teams to increase their situational awareness.

Miroslawiec base will host Gryf, Orlik and Zefir UAVs. Poland will reconstruct the facility with new infrastructure needed to store the UAV systems and the armament, the website quoted Polish media as reporting.

When it comes to the UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) systems, British, Israeli and US offers have been submitted. 60 UCAVs are going to be stationed at the facility – 48 tactical ones and 12 heavy Zefir UCAVs.

According to the information released by tvn24 at the end of June, the tender is going to be won by the contractor who is going to provide Poland with a relevant transfer of technology.