Downed drone with camera on board found at Folsom Lake


FOLSOM, Calif. (KCRA) —A drone that went down at Folsom Lake was discovered only as the lake levels drop.

Anne-Marie Valentine was vacationing with her family on the lake last week when she first noticed something unusual in a photo she snapped of the water.

“I was like, ‘that looks like a dead seagull,'” said Valentine.

With the water level dropping at Folsom Lake thanks to the drought, by Day 3 of her trip, she discovered that the unusual sight was in fact an abandoned drone in the water, with a camera still attached.

Her son was able to figure out how to open the waterproof case.

“He opened up the casing and he found the SIM card that’s on the side of it, and I said when we get home we’ll look at it and see if anything is remotely salvageable,” Valentine said.

To her surprise, there was extensive footage that showed the drone taking off, flying, crashing and sitting underwater while fish passed by. The camera also captured two men, who appear to be the pilots. And ironically, one man is seen gesturing a peace-out sign.

“It’ll be interesting to find him and have his story back now,” Valentine said.

The device is still intact, despite crashing and sitting in water for weeks.

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