DJI first to 500 333 exemption airframes

DJI first to 500 333 exemption airframes

Earlier this week Dajiang Innovation Technology Co. (DJI) became the first company to exceed 500 N registered aircraft in the USA.

It might raise eyebrows among the old guard when they realize the 500th airframe belongs to Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. It is a Phantom 2 tail number N588VR, they also own S900 N588YR.

They are not the only American defense contractor to turn to China. Northrop Grumman, own N819NG a Phantom 3 Professional and S900/A2, N687NG.

Also owning DJI drones, NCIS who have Inspires and the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives who have no less than five Phantom 2 Visions. many Police and Fire units use DJI aircraft.

Founded in by Frank Wang in 2006 and based in Shenzhen, China DJI are the clear leader for commercial flight in the USA.

They consistently have market share greater than 40%, right now its 45.5%. This changes very slightly during the week as the FAA releases more N numbers. I update our list over the weekend, Sunday nights are the only time its static.

Using the original sales price of the most basic version of the 528 multirotors DJI have sold in the region of +- $827617 of commercial platforms. It will not be long before they pass the million dollar mark.

The number two in the USA is Chris Anderson’s 3D Robotics with 6.6% of market share a total of 76 aircraft. Of course #3 AeroVironment have many thousands of platforms in the military without N numbers, but DJI equally has many thousands of airframes operating in private hands in North America.

 Other stand out N registrations, N542QM Michael Moore, (yes I think that one) an Aerial Imaging Solutions APH-22. Amazons three test platforms N391PA,N392PA and N394PA they are Mk 24s so one would have to think there have been 23 prototypes before them.Googles Internet drones in the form of Titan Aerospace also make an appearance. The first RMAX from Yamaha snuck in this week N620CP.  Many many other interesting things on our Drone Spotters page.

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