Squarehead Technology announces consortium with Orelia

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Squarehead Technology, the leading provider of long range industrial acoustic detection devices will embark on a consortium with the French audio analytics corporation ORELIA SAS in order to develop automatic drone detection solutions.

The solutions will combine the excellent portfolio of Squarehead microphone arrays with the real time sound recognition capacity of ORELIA – creating an exciting new product line of sensors that can stand alone, or be integrated into 3rd party security systems.

“Drones remain a clear and present threat to any prison, oil refinery, government installation or other facility that may be subject to smuggling, terrorism or espionage attempts”, says CEO Stig Nyvold of Squarehead. “We plan to deliver a passive, radiation-free device that represents robust detection in real time, Allowing For Proportional response through the application of available Counter Measure Resources. This consortium allows us prove that the detection and tracking of drones through audio is efficient and implementable in a 24/7 security regime”.

Mr. Nyvold expects the new products to be presented at the Milipol exhibition in France in November this year.

Squarehead Technology is a privately owned company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Established in 2004, the company has earned great repute for its production of microphone array systems that detect minute sounds at range for industrial purposes. With a global client list and 30 dedicated employees, Squarehead is continuously working to bring audio detection excellence to new markets.

ORELIA SAS is a privately owned company operating out of Thomery, France. Established in 2007, the company has developed an audio analytics technology and autonomous acoustic sensors for the Industrial and Security markets.