Drone Industry Report

New Research Report on Commercial Drone Industry

Drone Analyst, a research and consulting firm that provides insights for the commercial UAS industry, has published a report detailing the state of the commercial drone industry in the U.S. as of the end of June 2015.  It analyzes the business impact and market opportunities that proposed Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) rules have on UAS manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and investors.  Titled “Commercial Drones: Current State of the U.S. Industry,” the research report details recent innovations, business applications, key ecosystem companies and market forecasts.

The report is designed for those who want to take advantage of the coming boom in this potentially lucrative industry.  It provides fresh information for industry veterans, entrepreneurs and investors, career changers/advancers, and corporate personnel in all industries. The full text of the report contains the most salient industry statistics.

Included in the report are the following:

  • primer on commercial drones that discusses common terminology and the distinctive nature of commercial drones as aircraft systems and Internet of Things devices.
  • An outline of the growing number of commercial applications for drones, with categorization into major market segments for easier consumption and further analysis. We discuss the growing interest in commercial drones, what forecasters say about future demand, and what investors are banking on.
  • An overview of the industry’s flourishing ecosystem of businesses that support commercial drone activity.  it presents a few of the most prominent firms and companies that provide legal services, insurance, flight readiness applications, and training.
  • A detailed discussion of the fluid state of FAA restrictions on commercial UAS operations in the U.S – including the FAA’s proposed rules for small UAS.  We also discuss the growing complexity of state and local issues, the current state of private sentiment and legal concerns, and the impact of proposed FAA rules. It shows that some markets are winners, but some are bigger winners than others. It reports on the important details and determine the success factors in each market.
  • Statistics on commercial drone use.  The report compares the number of drone operators by country, the manufacturers who have the most aircraft in U.S. commercial operations, and which market segments are shaping up to be the biggest.

The final section of the report provides get a glimpse of the future.  Its presents a list of several firms in Silicon Valley and across the U.S. that either have, are incubating, or are working on innovations that will solve the complex problems of UAS integration into the national airspace

More information about this new report is available on the Drone Analyst website.