New drone photography business opens in Fredericksburg


A new company called Shutter Pilots has opened in Fredericksburg and offers computer animation and aerial imaging from drones.

The company, founded by Mike Mabin, Ed Sargeant and Alexander Mabin, also has offices in Bismarck, N.D.

All three founders work for Agency MABU of Fredericksburg, a marketing and communications firm, and founded Shutter Pilots to help provide additional services.

Shutter Pilots was granted a Federal Aviation Administration exemption this summer to operate drones for imaging at altitudes of 400 feet and below.

Mabin said he and the other founders became interested in using drones in videography and photography about a year ago.

“By combining Mike’s background in photography, Ed’s background in 2–D and 3–D animation, and my business background, we bought a couple drones and decided to launch Shutter Pilots,” he said.