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Drone Strikes Homeless With Burgers


Philip Devoe

San Francisco’s homeless were the victims of a drone food-delivery system in this viral video from Drone Lyfe, whose creators used a quadcopter drone to drop burgers from the sky on unsuspecting homeless people. While intended to be a fun way to serve the poor, viewers quickly attacked the producers for their insensitivity.

From the comedy of the drone missing their targets to the health issue of mass-feeding people highly caloric burgers, the video didn’t quite inspire the feeling of charity amongst viewers, who suggested that they drop bananas instead or actually hand the food to the homeless.

One viewer commented “delivering heart disease to impoverished Americans one spy drone at a time.” and “Why not drop them a banana or a sandwich?”

Shawn Ritchie commented “yeah, stuff human contact and actually having to hand a shitty burger to a (ew, gross!) hungry and possibly homeless person! buy this ultra-expensive drone thing instead and throw food on the ground near the needy, instead!”

Despite this, the homeless people receiving burgers in the video appeared surprised and even delighted.
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