Tuesday, September 21, 2021

DJI Announces New Executive Hiring of Leading Drone Policy Advocate

DJI, the world leader in innovative aerial technology, announced that drone policy expert Brendan Schulman will join the company as its Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs starting today.

Mr. Schulman, often known as “The Drone Lawyer,” is one of the country’s most prominent advocates for clear and reasonable civilian drone regulations. His leadership in the industry includes representing individuals and organisations in landmark civilian drone cases and establishing the country’s first unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) legal practice group.

One of the most widely-quoted thought-leaders on the many policy and legal issues surrounding civilian drone operations, Mr. Schulman draws on over 20 years of experience with aerial technologies.  In a key initiative last year, he proposed to the Federal Aviation Administration the creation of a risk-based micro UAS category for the operation of lightweight drones for commercial and other applications.

“The next few years will be critical in setting the direction for unmanned aerial regulations, so we need a policy executive who shares our vision for UAS operation that is both accessible and safe,” said Frank Wang, CEO and founder of DJI. “Brendan is the perfect fit to drive forward this vision which will enable our customers to expand the use of aerial technology for creative and innovative purposes.”

“As the leader in the unmanned aerial space, DJI has set the standard for how this new technology is used,” said Mr. Schulman. “I am excited to join their passionate team and to work together with lawmakers, industry groups, and customers to find solutions to emerging policy questions and to open up the benefits of drone technology across industries.”

This announcement comes at a time when drones are receiving increased attention for their positive applications, including recent rescue operations in Maine and Texas in which aerial technology was used to save the lives of stranded flood victims.

Earlier this month, the Bard College Center for the Study of the Drone released an analysis of the first 500 federal exemptions for commercial drone use in the United States, showing over half of the country’s commercial drone operators use DJI platforms.

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