AEROMAPPERS UAVs mapping drone updates


Aeromao Inc. A leading edge UAV manufacturer from Canada has recently made several updates to its Aeromappers family of drones as well as additions to its payload offerings.

The Aeromapper family of UAVs consist of three different drones aimed for mapping and survey applications with currently no match in the market. All three UAV model support:

– wide selection of sensors

real time video downlink optionally available from the mapping cameras, including FPV for Aeromapper EV2 and Aeromapper Talon

– parachute or belly landing capabilities

– Camera always in panoramic orientation (offers the most area coverage per photo)

– long range data & control links

– fully autonomous flight

– each and every UAV is flight tested before delivery

– delivered complete with accessories

– carrying case and 24 megapixel camera with TOP QUALITY OPTICS (not just high resolution)

– easy handlaunch

– modular construction

– made in Canada

– interchangeable parts

– automatic lens protective door

several image processing software packages

– Fully detailed manuals

– No training or experience necessary. Trainings available as optional

– no other drone match these offers AND price.

The specifications of each drone model can be found here:

The Aeromappers truly offer the most competitive price and most comprehensive package for both first time users and experienced drone operators. Most drones out there offer only a fraction of the features offered by the Aeromappers, at usually twice the price or more!

All Aeromappers offer a carefully conceived parachute landing system that allows users with no RC skills to land pretty much anywhere safely, including tight areas and unprepared terrain. It also offers the ultimate fail-safe method. Authorities regulating the use of UAVs for commercial applications like FAA or Transport Canada for example, carefully evaluate the failsafe measures on each UAV on question prior to issuing any permit and see with good eyes systems equipped with ballistic parachutes that can be deployed on demand, just like the Aeromappers offer.

Other fixed wing UAVs that don’t have a properly engineered parachute landing system usually “crash-land” autonomously (whether it belly lands, reverse thrust or deep stall), resulting in very short life spans, constant repairs needed and often busted cameras.

Other UAVs also offer very few camera options, short range communications or require complicated launching methods while in contrast all Aeromappers are hand-launchable, support many different cameras & sensors and have long range communications (data link & control, +20Kms).

All Aeromappers are based on full three axis platforms (yaw, pitch and roll) which offer the best possible flying characteristics.

It is noticeable that Aeromao offers only medium to large sized UAVs (2m to 3m wingspan aircraft) with conventional configuration (with separate rudder and elevator control), not flying wings. And there’s a reason for that: small flying wings are not the best mapping platform. Since they don’t have separate rudder control the only way to control crosswind situations is with constant changes in the roll axis, resulting in off-nadir imagery, need for stabilized camera mounts and “nervous like” flying characteristics. Also, small flying wings are by nature very critical dynamically, unstable and difficult to launch. The Aeromappers in contrast, can compensate a crosswind with inputs on the rudder while maintaining the wings level, therefore eliminating the need for camera gimbals.


All three of the Aeromapper packages include a 24 megapixel camera with top quality optics as its standard camera, but more sensors can be added. For the full list visit



Aeromapper Talon:

The standard package of Aeromapper Talon includes long range communications, but alternatively it is also offered in a frequency friendly version for European customers or were 900 Mhz is not allowed. This particular version is priced at only $6,900 USD, includes UAV flight tested, 24 Mp camera with survey grade lens, parachute system, carrying case, 1.5 – 2 km range, User Manual, 80 mins flight time, batteries, charger, accessories and of course fully autonomous flight capabilities. This UAV puts in the hands of the many true professional capabilities. Currently 10 single sensor packages and four RGB+NDVI dual sensor combinations are available for this UAV variant, with more currently to be added.


Aeromapper EV2:

The Aeromapper EV2 has a truly impressive performace and great area coverage rate per flight, since it’s cruise speed is a little higher than the other two Aeromapper models. It is also a great choice when the wind is very strong. It’s an all round solution that is simple, rugged, very quick to setup, dependable and very competitively priced.


The Aeromapper 300

The Aeromapper 300 is truly a unique machine. It is our most capable UAV. It has 1.5 – 2.0 hrs of endurance, truly multisensor capabilities and standard +20 Km long range communications. Currently supports 13 single sensors or 5 dual sensor combinations at the moment of writing this post, including the Sony A7r 36Mp camera. More single & dual sensors will be added very soon.

The Aeromapper 300 also enjoys now an ungraded power setup that totally eliminates the need for catapult launches! It is now much easier to perform hand-launches in any conditions, like full payload and no wind, carrying for example the Sony A7r.

Several Aeromappers EV2 and 300 operators in the US have also been awarded FAA Section 333 exemption for Commercial Operations.

Aeromao is also very proud to offer currently two image processing software with its Aeromappers: the Agisoft Photoscan Pro and the Pix4DMapper Aeromao Edition.

The Pix4DMapper Aeromao Edition is a dedicated version of the famous software specifically suited for the Aeromappers. It is offered as a bundle with each Aeromapper model at a price that offers absolutely the best deal out there.

The Aeromapers are fantastic machines that will keep evolving offering even increased capabilities and accessories to its users well into the future.

Aeromao is planning to increase the range of operations worldwide in order to showcase the tremendous potential of the Aeromappers in different scenarios and applications.

The Aeromappers are currently being operated in more than 30 countries.

For more information please visit



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