RIEGL adds VMZ-2000 to Geo-matching.com


RIEGL has added the VMZ-2000 to the Mobile Mappers product category on Geo-matching.com. Visit Geo-matching.com for a complete product overview and compare solutions.

Geo-matching.com is the first product comparison website for geomatic and hydrographic devices. Geo-matching.com provides a complete overview of Mobile Mappers, UAV solutions and cameras, lidar and processing software. By comparing product specifications and reading product reviews users can make a more balanced purchase decision.

The Mobile Mappers category now features amongst others: I-Site Drive (Maptek), Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Systems (Applanix), IP-S2 HD (Topcon) Lynx SG1 (Teledyne Optech) Lynx MG1 (Teledyne Optech) Streetmapper (3D Laser Mapping) VMZ-1000 (RIEGL). Others will follow soon. On Geo-matching you can share your experiences with the geomatic community.

In addition to the Mobile Mappers systems Geo-matching.com also includes GNSS receivers, total stations,laser scanners, LIDAR, digital photogrammetric workstations and image processing software.