RC Model Planes and DIY Drone Pilots Meet at World’s 2nd Annual Flite Fest


Thousands of attendees from all over the world will gather July 9-12 for the Second Annual Flite Fest, organized by radio-controlled (RC) aircraft Youtube channel celebrities from Flite Test. RC airplane and drone pilots can watch demonstrations, build planes, and learn to fly in a safe and welcoming environment. Experience the world of radio-controlled flight as a pilot or spectator. With four days filled with events, vendors, and food, the festival is for DIY Drone enthusiasts, RC pilots, and anyone interested in new technology.

Flite Fest will be held at Furey Field in Malvern, Ohio. After last year’s Flite Fest attracted over 700 registered diy drone pilots and 3000 spectators, the Flite Test crew has already built on that momentum to draw even more pilots for this year’s Fest. Attendance is expected to triple and attract visitors worldwide.

“The first annual Flite Fest was an extraordinary success,” said Josh Bixler, Flite Test Operations Manager and host. “The team used Kickstarter to raise $37,000 for 2014’s event, and our community fully funded the campaign goal of $5,000 in just four hours.”

Flite Fest is a family-friendly event designed for RC airplane and diy drone pilots/enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The Fest features a First Flight Zone, where people new to the hobby can fly and learn about RC aircraft. The event also includes a number of different events that everyone can participate in, including combats, night flies, and group builds.

In addition, Flite Test is offering sponsorships for the event. The generous sponsors of Flite Fest 2015 are Graupner, Academy of Model Aeronautics, GetFPV, Quad Lugs, Furey Chrysler, Gens Ace / Tattu, and Hitec. Flite Fest sponsors will have the opportunity to interact with the unique Flite Test community and contribute to enhancing the Flite Fest experience. Learn more about Flite Fest sponsorships at flitefest.com/sponsors.

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