EnergyOr claim new fuel cell powered Multirotor endurance record, 3 Hours 43 minutes.


Montreal, Canada: EnergyOr Technologies Inc., a leading developer of advanced PEM fuel cell systems, recently demonstrated the world’s longest multirotor UAV flight, flying for a record 3 hours, 43 minutes and 48 seconds, improving upon its previous world record of 2 hours, 12 minutes and 46 seconds from March 16 th, 2015.

This demonstration was performed to emphasize the significant potential of EnergyOr’s fuel cell systems to dramatically increase multirotor UAV flight endurance, thereby enabling countless new applications for this type of aircraft. EnergyOr’s CEO, Michel Bitton, stated

“We are proud to maintain our position as the first company to apply hydrogen fuel cell systems to Multirotor UAV applications and to have achieved the world’s longest multirotor flights ever recorded.”

EnergyOr’s fuel cell systems are designed, built and tested to meet real-world customer requirements. Based on fuel cell system technology similar to that used in the automotive industry, specific attention has been made to operation at ambient temperature extremes (high and low), high altitudes and in environments where significant airborne contaminants are present (e.g. dust).

The commercial market for multirotor UAVs used in civil applications is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years, with new uses being announced on a daily basis. Current applications include parcel delivery, disaster response, hydro and rail line inspections, flare stack inspections, precision agriculture, search and rescue missions and film production, just to name a few.

Battery powered multirotor UAVs have very limited flight times due to the relatively low specific energy (Watt-hours/kg) of existing rechargeable battery technologies. “EnergyOr is currently seeking strategic partners to assist in commercializing our cutting-edge products and revolutionary technology” Mr. Bitton added.