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UAVDIRECT announces DJI Inspire 1 with NDVI for Ag applications


UAVDirect has released an exclusive IR equipped DJI Inspire 1 mapping system.  The specially modified IR camera (NDVI) allows you to see in the infrared spectrum allowing for precise measurement of vegetation and its needs in terms of nutrients, pesticide and water.  Farmers and land managers can apply the perfect amount of resources to deliver maximum results.

If you are in the agriculture industry, this system can bring you immediate cost savings.  If you are an sUAS services provider, here is another hot new business opportunity, set to explode over the next several years.

If you’ve never seen the high resolution imagery from these types of cameras, it is truly amazing, we have some examples you can see below. It makes it easy to tell which areas of the field or forest or any kind of land are suffering from heat stress, drought or lack of nutrients. Quite a bit of analysis can be done with the naked eye but computers are used to really dial in on which areas require additional irrigation or fertilizer or other specific needs. Precise GPS coordinates are then used to determine which areas get more or less water or fertilizer– which are traditionally the two biggest “input” costs in agriculture. This is referred to as “precision agriculture” and the price point of this new NVDI – equipped Inspire 1 breaks new ground in both affordability and ease of use.  With growing environmental concerns and drought conditions that persist across the country, this technology is very timely.

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