South African Civil Aviation Authority to move forward with UAS regulations July 1st 2015 implementation


Director of Civil Aviation, Ms Poppy Khoza, speaking at a media briefing in Johannesburg this morning confirmed that South Africa has adopted RPAS regulations that will come into effect on July 1st.

The SACAA has been nothing but reasonable in the drafting of the regulations helped by a core group of South African RPAS experts.

RPAS will not be allowed to be flown above crime scenes, national key points and courts. Operators will have to over 18 years of age, undergo an aviation medical and be in possession of a 12 month permit or license.

The new regulations further prohibit drones flying directly over any person or group of people within the unilateral distance of 15 metres.

Like many other countries South Africa has been no stranger to controversy with drone operations well within controlled airspace and over important events.

Perhaps the most noteworthy being the flight over the hospital in which late President Nelson Mandela was receiving treatment.

The new regulations will not only help the GoPro flyer end of the market, they address BVLOS flying that will encourage long range infrastructure inspections across vast uninhabited areas of the country.

Well done the SACAA thumbs up from sUAS News and all serious RPAS exponents in South Africa. Not sure that the model aircraft crowd will enjoy being lumped into the toy category though ;-)