Gosh what to say about this one

Fly with DroneCast and earn up to $150,000 a year as an independent contractor. Get paid weekly for flying ads for our large client base ranging from small local shops to large Fortune 500 companies. Be your own boss and get up to $500/hour for bookings on your own schedule

Whether you are looking to start your own small business, supplement current income, or simply picking up a lucrative hobby, the DroneCast Partner Program is for you.

We handle all clients, sales, payment processing, and contracts. You simply fly and get paid! You can even start your own mini DroneCast by hiring your own pilots and supplying them with our drone partner kits

The folks at DroneCast want you to purchase and make legal an RPAS and then fly it at their behest with advertising on it.

A 333 exemption, the current only route to legal flight would not allow you to fly RPAS in a place where large there are large numbers of people. So before you rush to sign up to earn your fortune best make sure you have the permissions in place, privacy policy polished and insurance tip top.





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