Brican lifts off with NWUAV


One look is all it takes to realize the TD100 Unmanned Aircraft System is different. Every aspect of this meticulous machine looks and feels like a real aircraft, and that’s because it is one. In an industry where off-the-shelf systems are being promoted as breakthroughs, where hobbyist parts are being cobbled together and labelled “UAS” – the TD100 comes with an unparalleled pedigree, thanks to Brian Eggleston and Brian McLuckie of Brican.

Eggleston and McLuckie have incorporated nearly four decades of aviation and automated systems backgrounds into the TD100’s aerodynamic design and flawless mechanics. They have applied the same approach, the same rigor, to this platform as they did when designing and constructing passenger aircraft, with safety, performance and efficiency in mind. Together with the team at Brican they have produced a platform whose avionics, build quality, reliability and payload capacity are second to none.

To close the loop in safety of flight Brican is now pairing the TD100 with NWUAV’s NW-44 tractor configuration propulsion system. The NW-44 is the first proven, commercially available propulsion system designed specifically for UAV applications. Chris Harris, owner of NWUAV, has seen to it that this engine set the bar in the sUAS industry well in advance of the impending FAA fight standards being drafted for commercial airspace. The NW-44 has been wholly manufactured at NWUAV’s state of the art AS9100/ISO9001 certified operations, tested to the FAA’s stringent FAR 33 endurance standards and flown through critical flight envelope tests.

We are excited to be part of the important work Brican has a history of taking part in” said Chris Harris. “The TD100 has proven its value in the industry, from scientific and environmental flights in the Arctic to detecting hot-spots following forest fires. With the added advantage of incorporating the NW-44 into the system, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to the work the TD100 will be capable of performing. NWUAV looks forward to a lofty future with Brican.”