333 Exemption Americas

Avyon spreads its wings to fly with the FAA 333 exemptions for Microdrones and Delair-Tech products


May 20, 2015. New York, NY.: The North American UAV maker and distributor Avyon has been granted several Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exemptions 333 to operate UAS (drones) for commercial flights.

Partnered with European manufacturers Microdrones GmbH (Germany) and Delair-Tech (France), Avyon will be fulfilling an ever growing demand for UAVs in Canada and the United States.

“We are happy to expand our expertise into the US. We have several years of experience flying in Canada and being able to offer our products to US market is a strategic development for us,” said Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, CEO of Avyon.

Avyon provides businesses with complete drones solutions for agricultural, civil engineering, inspection and surveying to name a few applications. The FAA exemption 333 will mean that more companies will be able to use cutting edge technology to improve their decision-making and processes.

The professional solutions Avyon has to offer start with the best UAV platforms. The FAA 333 exemptions are granted to the following UAVs:

⦁ DT18 – the lightweight fixed-wing sUAS by Delair-Tech capable of long range and long flight time with BLOS proven capabilities.

⦁ Md4-200 – the smaller VTOL-aircraft (Vertical Take Off and Landing) by microdrones perfect for professionals starting using UAS solutions.

⦁ Md4-1000 – the more robust and heavier model of the md4 fleet by microdrones, giving more endurance and flexibility for the intended mission.

With the versatility of the md4-200 and md4-1000 and endurance of the DT-18, Avyon is able to provide both rotorcraft and fixed-wing solutions.

“Avyon caters to the professional market. We operate within the frame of each country’s regulations, so the FAA exemption is a kick start for us,” concluded Vivien, “Only now we can demo our systems in the US, and we intend to extensively use these exemptions, starting next week with Cornell University.”

Avyon, is a drone manufacturer and distributor with offices in New York, and Quebec, Canada. Partnered with international UAV manufacturer Microdrones (Germany) and Delair-Tech (France), Avyon provides customized drone solutions for it’s North American clients. For more information on Avyon, please visit www.avyon.com

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