RPFlight Systems, Inc. bring extreme endurance planes to the small UAS Market

RPFlight Systems, Inc. bring extreme endurance planes to the small UAS Market


RP Flight Systems has announced partnerships and mergers with John Smith of Asia Tech Drones and Toby Lankford of Aerial Vista Labs, a division of The Lankford Group. With the integration of manufacturing and systems development RP Flight Systems is able to provide industry leading UAS embedded sensor systems and extreme endurance airframes capable of on station missions in excess of 6 hours

RP Flight Systems, Inc. has been flying and manufacturing the Spectra flying wing for over a decade and one of the leaders in Search and Rescue Operations with the non-profit search service RPSearch Services. The Spectra has flown in across the US and in internationally resulting in numerous recoveries. The Spectra UAS has been flying in the US NAS for over a decade, and has performed hundreds of hours of SAR missions.

RP Flight Systems, Inc. has acquired the rights to produce the Vigilant Pro. The flagship model Vigilant Pro will be a carbon-kevlar composite frame with 3m span and numerous sensor and vision packages for specialized high endurance missions such as fire line monitoring and pipeline inspection.

Asia Tech Drones has been working on UAS peripheral support equipment and the manufacture and development of the Cyclops E (EPO) & C (Composite) airframes, now known as the Vigilant. The Vigilant has been proven in long endurance flights routine mission capabilities of over 7 hours to date. With the combination of flight experience, airframe design and embedded systems development the Vigilant Pro will remain one of the most advanced long range systems for years to come.

Aerial Vista Labs has been working in UAS development, research and distribution since 2006. Aerial Vista Labs will be providing design improvements and embedded systems development including their new alternative energy HYDRA Power System. Aerial Vista Labs has demonstrated 10 hour flight with the Vigilant Pro Composite and together they plan to push the plane past twelve hours by July 4, 2015. Making it the longest flying small UAS under 10kg.

Together the companies will have offices in Amarillo, TX, Austin, TX, and San Jose, California to take advantage of shipping channels, and be nearer to the US agricultural and survey markets.

Gene Robinson, President of RP Flight Systems, Inc. says, “This merger brings the Vigilant, a long endurance aircraft that compliments the Spectra’s rugged field proven characteristics.  RP Flight Systems, Inc. has also gained increased capacities for electronic payload development and data collection that is the very lynch pin of unmanned aircraft operations.”

Gene Robinson

sUAS News Podcast co-host | RPAS Search & Rescue expert | Gene Robinson has been a proponent of the flying wing for SAR ops for many years. Since 2005, Gene has utilized small UAS to assist Texas EquuSearch in searches from California, to New York, visiting 29 states in the union. He has also conducted UAS operations in Jamaica, Mexico, and Africa and has assisted SAR teams in recovering victims lost for lengthy periods. The use of UAS technology has been credited with the recovery of 10 victims, assisted law enforcement in evidenciary searches, and performed forward wild land fire observations. Should you meet Gene at a show or search ask him about the llamas.