Liquidmedia: The first official Italian operator to certify double parachute redundant UAS


Liquidmedia, the brand new video production company with headquarter in Trieste, Italy, and adherent to the Italian Federation APR is the first operator to obtain ENAC (FAA equivalent) certification for a UAV with this kind of specifications. This innovative team, led by Max Morelli, film maker and pilot, uses the best technology available on the market for innovation and quality, producing stunning images, in safety and in total compliance with the regulations. (Prot. ENAC 4440)

Cinecopter II: high quality structural components
ll Cinecopter is the first drone signed Liquidmedia, made by engineers of the Flying Eye that – thanks to the great experience of the French company- has been equipped with redundant electronic brains made by MikroKopter and built on the Freefly’s Cinestar carbon frame with MOVI stabilizer, the first in Italy to use double parachute and cut off system which terminates the flight. Each technical equipment was chosen to guarantee customers the highest standards of quality and reliability. Aboard Liquidmedia UAV is mounted a high definition camera that sends images to the ground digitally FullHD in real time through a unique transmitter developed in Italy by the engineers of Smilink.
The mission Liquidmedia: quality services and social responsibility
The prospects of using the UAV Liquidmedia are countless: from cinema to promote tourism, from journalism to television, from photography to the technical inspection. Given the high-tech and practical potential of the instrument – our company has planned to allocate part of the hours / flight to socially useful purposes. The UAV Liquidmedia will be made available free of charge, in case of disasters, emergencies or danger to the citizens, to all law enforcement who deem it advisable its use in the territory.
Liquidmedia aims to anticipate all the highest standards for safety in Europe, marking and tracing a path where quality, technology and reliability reach the highest levels.