Monday, November 29, 2021

Gooney Bird Drone Poised For Record Breaking Flights

Rob Coatney With Gooney Bird UAV

The Gooney Bird long-range drone was unveiled today.  The 13-foot-span vehicle was created to set new range and endurance records for sub-55-pound model aircraft and UAVs. The craft is currently under preparations for a summer 2015 record-breaking 100+ hour endurance flight of more than 5,000 nautical miles.

Designer and fabricator Rob Coatney commented, “I started with a conventional fixed-wing design.  Then I distilled it down to the bare essentials and optimized everything that remained.”

The prototype flew for the first time in the fall of 2014. It was glide tested under manual radio control with five pounds of iron ballast in place of the propulsion unit. Thanks to the help of several volunteers, the aircraft was launched into the strong ridge lift above Hood River, OR and the approximately 30-minute flight was video recorded. “I was a bit apprehensive about how strong the winds were, but 10 seconds after launch I had her trimmed out and I knew it was going to be a fun flight,” said Coatney. “The hardest part was keeping it from climbing too high. But it performed fantastically, even pulling off a few graceful loops.”

The airframe was designed and fabricated utilizing 3D CAD software, 3D printing, and the latest composite fabrication techniques.  All major structural components are vacuum-infused carbon fiber, which gives superior surface finish and strength-to-weight ratio right out of the mold. The structure was designed to meet utility category load standards at the maximum takeoff weight of 55 pounds. It folds up compactly for easy transport, as will the new lightweight launcher that will accompany it.

Autopilot and propulsion integration are ongoing. It will be powered by a gasoline engine with a loiter-optimized propeller. All systems are designed for high reliability and all-weather capability.

About Gooney Bird

Gooney Bird is sponsored by Cloud Cap Technology, Microhard Systems Inc, and C&H ignitions, who have generously donated material support.

Mr. Coatney is currently an aero/mechanical engineer for Zepher Inc.; an aerospace design, engineering, and integration manufacturing company.

Patrick Egan
Editor in Field, sUAS News Americas Desk | Patrick Egan is the editor of the Americas Desk at sUAS News and host and Executive Producer of the sUAS News Podcast Series, Drone TV and the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition. Experience in the field includes assignments with the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab investigating solutions on future warfare research projects. Instructor for LTA (Lighter Than Air) ISR systems deployment teams for an OSD, U.S. Special Operations Command, Special Surveillance Project. Built and operated commercial RPA prior to 2007 FAA policy clarification. On the airspace integration side, he serves as director of special programs for the RCAPA (Remote Control Aerial Photography Association).