Drone found on roof of Edmond home


By Kim Passoth

EDMOND, Okla. —In an unusual case for Edmond police, a homeowner called them Monday evening to report she found a drone on her property near East 2nd Street and South Coltrane Road.

Where it came from, or what it was doing, remains a mystery.

“There’s no telling what it’s been used for,” Jenny Monroe with the Edmond Police Department said.

What is known about this tiny, lightweight aircraft is listed on an evidence tag, “Small movable camera mounted on white Phantom drone,” Monroe said.

“She called me yesterday and said ‘Could you come over,’” Sue Votaw said. The drone was found on her next-door-neighbor’s roof.

“We saw it up there and we recognized that it was a drone because we’ve seen them on TV,” Votaw said.

The women waited all day for someone to come claim it. No one ever did.

“I think it’s very strange,” Votaw said.

“We ended up having to call the fire department out. They climbed up there and got the drone,” Monroe said.

Investigators didn’t find any pictures or videos on the drone’s camera. They do not believe whoever was operating it did anything illegal.

“It’s about a $1,000 unit and then there is a GoPro camera attached to it, so that’s another around $400. It’s not something you would think somebody would leave behind. They may just not know where it landed,” Monroe said.

If the drone is yours and you want it back, go to the Edmond Police Department. You will need a receipt with a matching serial number as proof.

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